John Huang

John Huang (薑黃), who is well-known for improving collaborations between the Taiwanese and Thai music industries, has years of experience in tour management and music marketing. He is committed to fostering international music collaborations, particularly in Southeast Asia. He founded NPCC Curating Co., a company that specializes in live event organization, music marketing, branding, and music media promotion. He also brought the Thai band Bomb At Track' to Taiwan, where they received a lot of attention. Bomb At Track was soon signed by Warner Music. 

As Atrip's Marketing Director, John was instrumental in bringing a wave of Southeast Asian tourists to Taiwan by working with musicians, influencers, and photographers. John co-founded WWWWWWTAPES studio, which promotes Southeast Asian indie music in Taiwan and curates a one-of-a-kind indie music program that is broadcast in over 1,400 Taiwanese convenience stores. 

John is also a skilled writer/editor for PlayMusic, where he oversees a well-known music column that attracts mainstream media for content reprints. Finally, as the Programme Director of the 2021 Asia Rolling Music Festival (ARMF), John promotes cross-cultural music exchange by highlighting Asia's diverse music styles and creative spirit through performances, forums, and industry events.