Rgry is a prolific music producer in Taiwan known for his unique and deep understanding of music and mastery of sound. He often blends hip-hop, pop, and UK Garage elements to create a distinct style and produces works that balance innovation and popularity. In 2017, he won the Golden Melody Award for Best Single Producer for his work on the collaboration between Kumachan and Julia Wu, "Mybong".

In 2019, he produced the album "Sisyphus'Dream" for Kumachan, winning the Golden Indie Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Album. In 2021, he collaborated with Kumachan again and became the producer of "88BARS", the song received the 2021 Golden Indie Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Song and was also nominated for the 2022 Golden Melody Awards for Best Songwriter.

In 2022, he was co-producer of Kumachan's "PRO" album. In 2022, he announced his appointment as the music director and go-to producer for NXWV.

In 2023, he co-produced WADE DAO’s debut album “A Wild Dance of Flame”, the album was nominated for the 14th Golden Indie Music Award for Best Newcomer.