Jon Du

Taiwanese producer and musician Jon Du is based in Taipei. Jon, a native of New Jersey in the US, was inspired to take piano and violin lessons at a young age. He first started out playing music by joining bands, most notably the Forests. Beginning with recording and producing his own music, he eventually began mixing and producing for other musicians, including Prairie WWWW, Love_1, and Sunset Rollercoaster.

In addition, Jon established the independent label Lonely God, which has audio-visual artists like Prairie WWWW, Scattered Purgatory, and others as members. He released music and hosted events like NoWhere through Lonely God.

More recently, Jon and Lujiachi have been working together to make music as LUDU. He actively participates in FINAL Taipei and DJs as well. One of his most recent notable accomplishments was producing and mixing the song Candlelight for the Korean indie artist OHHYUK and Sunset Rollercoaster, which received nearly 7 million Spotify plays.