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0 Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times

On Sep 4th, Bii(畢書盡), Andrew Tan(陳勢安), Ian(陳彥允)and Dino(李玉璽) released their compilation album “Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times”(勢在必行3 ─ 心時代 最終章).“Epochal Times” starts from the “heart” and depicts the colors we’ve experienced in our lives with the natural elements .

0 Fang Wu(吳汶芳)/《Chaos, but Beautiful》

“Chaos, but Beautiful”(汶亂,卻美好著), the first album composed by Fang Wu(吳汶芳)was released on Sep 3rd. The first single“Accumulated Loneliness”, which is also Fang Wu’s greatest hit, has been the interlude song of Chinese TV series “My Sunshine”(何以笙簫默)and Taiwanese idol drama “The Pursuit of Happiness”(愛的生存之道), making Fang Wu well-known in both countries.

0 SpeXial/Dangerous

With the high popularity they’ve received this year, SpeXial will take the chance to release their third Chinese album “Dangerous” on Sep 11th. The first single “Love Guardian”(貼身)is produced by Su Tong-Da(蘇通達), and they've also asked S­ASAKI KO(佐佐木康)to made them the magnificent and impressive Salute Dance(敬禮舞).

0 Dino Lee(李玉璽)/We Are Young(我們青春)

Following the 2014 release of Dino Lee's fully self-written debut album 'Days of Rock'(搖滾小日子) is the talented musician's latest EP 'Shout'. 'We are Young' is a rock song filled with pacey beats and youthful energy. In it, Lee has infused an energetic sense of adventure, creating a memorable series of youthful beats.

0 BY2/《Cat and Mouse》

It has been nearly two years since their last album 'Paradise'(MY遊樂園) was released, and on July 28, By2 finally launched their 7th album 'Cat and Mouse'. 'Back in the Days' (當時的我們)is the first hit song of this new album.

0 Dawen Wang王大文/ Happy or Not

Dawen is releasing the new album of his compositions “Happy or Not 〈快樂不快樂〉” on Aug 11th. The first single "You Already Know My Heart” is about the silent understanding between the couple. With the Lyrics goes from shy, brave to determined, the string also conveys different emotions.

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