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0 Four Main Labels Join Forces to Record 20 Years of Taiwan Hip-Hop

Documentary TAIWAN HIP HOP KIDS includes interviews with four top hip-hop labels across Taiwan, namely KAO!, truecolor, AINOKO Entertainment, and Kung Fu Entertainment. With over 16 groups of hip-hop artists, and nearly 100 hours of interview materials, the film faithfully presents the development of hip-hop music in Taiwan over the past 20 years.

0 The Most Outrageous Music Fest “BeastieRock” Is This Weekend

The festival is featuring vocal talents with other work of lines such as filmmakers and politicians: Oscar Chiu (邱志宇), actor who portrayed the character “Tony” from the popular cult movie Story in Taipei, Taipei City Councilor candidates Froggy Chiu (呱吉), Poya Miao (苗博雅), and web-based satire media EYECTV (眼球中央電視台) host Ocular Nerve (動眼神經).