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0 SXSW 2018 Taiwan Artists: Sangpuy, The Land-Raised Original Sound

Recently nominated by the Independent Music Awards, indigenous singer-songwriter Sangpuy has a voice that contains intensive emotions and exceeds the language barrier.. From the tribe to Rainforest World Music Festival and SXSW, through his voices, Sangpuy is inheriting the cultural legacies and memories which his ancestors had left.

0 The Top 5 Hottest Chinese Songs of 2015

What is the most watched music video on YouTube? That would be PSY’s extremely popular “Gangnam Style”, which sits at the top with 2.4 billion views. In second place with 1.2 billion views is Justin Bieber's “Baby”. And what are the five most viewed Chinese music videos on YouTube since late 2014? Let's find out.

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