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0 Concert - Behind the Scenes Series (1-1) The Director

It became clear after 2007 that the embattled record industry was in a decline with slim hopes of achieving another boom. Thus, Taiwan Beats will look at the current status and development of our local concert industry from various perspectives. Let's talk about concert director first.

1 Interview/Q & A with Men Envy Children小男孩樂團

What we are talking about is not to give up everything to chase this ‘dream’, but to find a way to allow this ‘dream’ to be incorporated into your life. To us, our album ‘Everything’ is not the ending point of our dreams; it is but a milestone on the journey to our dreams.

0 Shuo Hsiao Connects Music Closer to Life

"It's important to persist," she says seriously. There's always something we can choose to do. "People would describe music as jazz, Latin or other genres, for example, but there are essential items and characters underneath. If you want to cook udon noodles with curry flavor, you have to really put curry into it, otherwise it's only a marketing tactic."

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