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0 The Most Outrageous Music Fest “BeastieRock” Is This Weekend

The festival is featuring vocal talents with other work of lines such as filmmakers and politicians: Oscar Chiu (邱志宇), actor who portrayed the character “Tony” from the popular cult movie Story in Taipei, Taipei City Councilor candidates Froggy Chiu (呱吉), Poya Miao (苗博雅), and web-based satire media EYECTV (眼球中央電視台) host Ocular Nerve (動眼神經).

0 Songlines Across the Waves: Ancient Roots, Contemporary Voices Merge on Small Island Big Song, a Tribute to Cultural Resilience of Pacific and Indian Oceans

Tim Cole and Bao Bao Chen set out to trace the oceanic songlines from Madagascar to Hawaii; from New Zealand to Taiwan, including the Torres Strait, following the voyages of the ancient oceanic seafarers an ancestry which can be traced along the ocean currents and seasonal winds back over 5,000 years, to an island we now call Taiwan.

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