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0 Review Joanna Wang’s "Bob Music"

In Joanna’s latest album ‘Bob Music’, she invites us into her wacky and wonderful world where normality and humdrum routines are injected with a much-needed dose of excitement. Geared up with game music-inspired arrangements and creative elements that could only have come from Joanna herself, this album breaks all the rules you’ve known to be true for conventional popular music and is truly an eye-opening experience.

Asian Pop Weekly
0 Mayday “Her Story" Album Review

Mayday’s weaves creativity into the most common of concepts by reinventing the notion of a generic cover album into something much more meaningful. Handpicking ten unique and prominent female voices from Taiwan’s music scene (including Gem Tang, Fish Leong, S.H.E and Lala Hsu amongst others) to cover some of the Taiwanese superband’s greatest hits is no easy feat.Take a look at our album review and see how they fared!