WUTU Band is an alternative rock band composed of lead vocalist and synthesizer player Maggie, guitarist An, bassist Ze-Min, and drummer Xiao- Pan. The band was formed in 2016 under the original name "Pilots In The Sky And On The Sea" and later changed to "WUTU" in 2022 after the addition of guitarist Chong-yang.

WUTU’s musical palette draws from various genres, encompassing shoegaze, the weight of post-metal, experimental and electronic music. This eclectic mix results in a distinct sonic fusion of mystery, ritual, and exploration, establishing them as a unique and influential presence in Taiwan's underground music scene. Their lyrics delve into profound themes such as life, emotions, and self, imbuing their work with a strong philosophical and speculative essence.

In late 2022, WUTU released their debut album, "Lost Innocent Days," showcasing the band's evolved and refined sound developed over years of composition. The album's concept revolves around an exile zone where millions of discarded shells from humans are sent. These shells, marked by an enigmatic hue, accumulate into towering mountains. Over time, as the shells weather into fragments, amorphous monsters gather in search of answers.

Having participated in various festivals across the island, WUTU has gained recognition as one of Taiwan's noteworthy alternative rock bands in recent years. Their distinctive musical style and lyrically philosophical approach have cultivated a dedicated fan base.

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