Formed in 2022, ThoTho blends reggae and dub elements with rock, folk, and traditional musical influences. Solid bass lines intertwine with organic drum rhythms, embracing the harmonized vocals that outline the narrative of their music. The delay-saturated guitar riffs and dub fx both expand and distort the perception of time, swaying the rhythm for a psychedelic listening experience. Within their songs, interspersed vocal dialogues draw the audience deep into the vortex of their crafted stories.

In 2022 the ensemble released their debut EP Ba Mian Ling Long recorded live at Yuchen Studio and was mastered by esteemed sound engineer Takise Masayo who has worked with Dry & Heavy, Little Tempo and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.  

The overarching theme of the album revolves around the concept of "versatility" within the realm of spirits and monsters, reflecting the idea of perpetual reincarnation and the spectrum of emotions experienced by humans in their worldly existence. Similar to the term "versatility," everything can be deconstructed and perceived from various angles.

ThoTho endeavors to offer a fresh and distinctive voice that belongs to the vibrant cultural tapestry of their home island.

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