Sleeping Brain

VERIFIED: Nov-21-2019


Sleeping Brain is an Electronic rock band from Taiwan, whose music sets out to blend the rationale of electronic sounds with the inciting passion of rock. Its current members are Raven (Vocal/Synth), Agao (Guitar), Ral (Bass/Synth), and Thrissa (Drums).

Prior to forming Sleeping Brain, the group started out as a student band that mostly played covers, with Linkin Park being one of their favorite bands to cover. Raven and Agao later went on to learn composing and electronic music production, which gradually became an influence on the band. Their first studio EP Ganic Universe was released in 2013, with both the music and track titles paying homage to the rational nature of electronic sounds.

As with many other up-and-coming indie bands, Sleeping Brain has gone through many line-up changes over the years, settling in to this current roster in 2016. The band has also accumulated substantial performance experience over the years, playing at numerous festivals and events. They also made it into the top ten finalists of the historic Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival in 2017.

Six years since their initial studio release in 2013, Sleeping Brain finally put out their first full-length studio album this year. The new album titled Bare Waves sees the band shift away from their previous electronic centric sound, and pursue a more rock-based soundscape. With this in mind, the band put their attention to writing catchy hooks for the new album, while also presenting a more mature sound in terms of songwriting and composition, which proves to be their most ambitious work yet.