Taiwan is a country that belongs to the family of tropical islands in East Asia, surrounded by the sea. It has inherent advantages, inclusive, diverse, and rich in musical elements. The musical environment under these congenital conditions can be full of infinite possibilities.

In 2007, Ska music was not very well-known in this musical environment. Skaraoke’s leader gathered his friends and a few like-minded musicians and organized Taiwan’s first complete Ska Orchestra, Skaraoke, hoping that this island-style music of ska, can gradually fall into shape, and grow among the people of Taiwan.

SKARAOKE’s debut at Kenting’s Spring Scream music festival in April 2008 received the applause and respect of the audience, and became the premier Ska Orchestra of Taiwan! After that, people started to see their names all over Taiwan’s Live Houses and Music Festivals. They always show up in fedoras, suits, and ties, just as the old-school jazz musicians did, Like gentlemen, bring the people back to the sounds of classic jazz, swinging’ beats, and with their own special island-style twist.

“SKARAOKE = SKA + KARAOKE”. Their band name was inspired by the common past-time of the people of Taiwan and Japan. The popular singing culture of the “KARAOKE”. Added to the front of the word, is the band’s favorite genre of music, “SKA” (derived from the popular music of 1960s Jamaica). These two elements, placed together, became “SKARAOKE”! As the name implies, SKARAOKE music is like a karaoke party with friends together doing the Ska, mellow, fun, exciting, and sometimes even outrageously loud and crazy!