Shui Hou Gu Shi

Connections to nature, the subconscious, and soundscapes define Shui Hou Gu Shi’s brand of indie dream-folk. Their name translates to “stories after sleep,” with the idea that our sense of hearing remains intact while we sleep. Founded in 2013 by accordion player Chieh, and acoustic guitarist Meng-Hsuan, they have been playing music together since college and even sometimes synchronize their breath while performing. Spending 2014 on the East Coast of Taiwan gave the bandmates a deep respect for nature and environmentalism. Their use of the accordion is a nod to the traditional Taiwanese music known as “nakasi,” which was performed by migratory groups of musicians. It also underscores the slowed-down gypsy folk energy of their music. Over the years, the band has collaborated and performed with many different artists from around the world, which led to Korean bassist Dong Hee joining the band in 2020. These interactions inform their world music style, including African tribal music, Indian classical, and sounds from Okinawa to South America.