Our Shame

The Folktronica female duo "Our Shame 凹與山," consisting of lead vocalist Xiao Ao and drummer Isan, explores the realms of ambient, downtempo, retrowave, and hip hop in their music. Juggling dual roles as office professionals and musicians, their tech industry background empowers them to artfully portray the intersection of human nature and modern technology in their music. Experimenting with soulful vocals, synthesizers, guitars, drum machines, and jazz drums, they skillfully transform sonic collisions into a captivating and daring atmospheric fusion.

In August 2022, the unveiling of their debut album, "Modern Problem," struck a chord with its exploration of the connection between technology and humanity. Comprising twelve tracks, the album serves as a musical companion for navigating the intricacies of emotional entanglements, career uncertainties, the frustration of being left unread, the routine of a water-only diet during weight loss, late-night taxi journeys home, and an array of contemporary issues. This release gained attention from music editors across Europe, America, New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Notably, the album's title track features vocals from the talented R&B artist LINION.

In late 2023, the duo collaborated with the Indonesian indie band Matter Halo for a stunning single “Performance in A Dream.”

The duo has toured extensively throughout Taiwan, gracing the stages of major festivals including the Megaport Festival and the Minami Wheel Festival in Osaka, Japan.  Our Shame displays considerable promise with their fresh and innovative musical style, complemented by thought-provoking and relatable lyrics.

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