Night Keepers

Founded in 2015, Night Keepers is a psychedelic electronic band with roots in folk music, writing songs in both Chinese and English. The line-up includes band leader/vocal/keyboardist Night, drummer Kit, the other lead vocal Chih-Ling, and electric guitarist Chia-Ying. They've already released one studio album Nightland and one audio-book/ EP The Guidebook to a Good Night.

Aside from their own releases, Night Keepers is also active in video game music productions and film score compositions. The band produced songs for famous rhythm games such as Mandora, Cytus, and Deemo and therefore gaining popularity among many international game players. Night Keepers also yearned to use film score works, including The Rope Curse, Welcome To The Happy Days, and Mole of Life, to break the language and district boundaries. They are good at using narrative but neurotic piano notes to establish the emotional layer. On top of this, they use psychedelic electric guitar to build the sound wall, and collocate with casual rhythm and childish synthesizer tones. All these elements result in some warm and hypnotic melodies.

The creative concept of Night Keepers is to bring together those hard-to-relax and sleepless people in different cities, and transfer their stories to others. The band wants to play the "sleepless messenger" role and use music, words, images, designs, live performances, etc., to communicate with audiences. By utilizing chatbots, the band can record and exchange with audiences their own empty, painful, and lonely stories. Then, they can expand the possibilities of innovations together, and achieve some kind of group therapy effect. Finally, this will make everybody have the opportunities to become the "keeper" for others.

The band will continuously combine video games and AI to connect and interact with international audiences, and use music to comfort sleepless people in different cities and languages. In the future, Night Keepers will kick off some block-chain projects, and hope to crossover more fields and connect to more people.