Formed in 2020 Taipei City, MoonD'shake [moon·di·shake] is an independent pop band comprising of band leader Guo Yan, lead vocalist Jia Ling, and guitarist Zi En.  Their millennial background prevents them from resisting the allure of the vibrant sounds and energetic dance scenes of the 90s, yet they find resonance in the relaxed and grainy atmosphere of contemporary bedroom styles.

At the end of 2020 they released the EP “Morning Body” swiftly capturing attention as a noteworthy entity in the independent music scene.  In October 2023, they released their first album, “EGG SALA” stating, “Even in the darkness, the half-lit moon is a gentle guide, and in narrow spaces, we music find a way to move.”  The dreamy undertone in their music is an extension of their narrow reality, attempting to explore a unique perspective of life.

Guo Yan is a native of Yonghe, while Jia Ling and Zi En come from Taoyuan and Hsinchu. The three of them harbor different sentiments towards the crowded and humid city of Taipei. These feelings are reflected in their album “EGG SALA,” comprising ten songs that blend rock, electronic, folk and bedroom pop elements.  The result is a colourful and whimsical collection, where witty lyrics dance alongside captivating melodies, creating a hazy yet refreshingly playful listening experience.

Despite being relatively new in the music scene, MoonD’shake showcases mature songwriting skills, hinting at their potential for significant international tours in the years to come.

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