For the love of RAP, which brought them together. Three Young Rising Rappers formed MJ 116 in 2004. MJ stands for MuJa, the hood they are from and 116 the zip code.

For the past decade, MJ 116 has become a phenomenon in Taiwan. Their lyrics are straight forward, which is easy to understand and brings out the very basic desires of Taiwan’s young generation. Their music and revolutionary rap style has taken the Mandarin Music scene by storm.

MJ116 was established in July 2004 by Eso and Kenzy, the two initial members. They started with South Style music with strong rhythm and rap flow, which at the time was a complete break through in the old school Mandarin Music scene. Their strong rhythm style, quickly brought them as a major favorite in the Taiwan club scene and subsequently a very successful club tour. MJ 116 became the party KINGS of Taiwan with over 100 colleges and high schools concerts since they started. To this day, their music is most popular with students, blasting their songs throughout Taiwan’s clubs and school campuses. In 2006 MJ 116 was signed to the label: True Color Music, the home of famous Rock Star Chang Cheng Yue and Mandarin rap Super Rap Star MC HotDog.