Manic Sheep

Formed in Taipei 2010, Manic Sheep creates music rooted in shoegaze and noise pop.  Their sound oscillates between tranquil beauty and boiling anger, often juxtaposing bitter lyrics with the dreamy melancholy of shoegaze atmospheres. Their music serves as a versatile medium for conveying a spectrum of emotions, from anxiety to tenderness, from introspection to everyday warmth, showcasing their diverse range of expression.

Since their inception, Manic Sheep has released four records, including two full-length albums. Their releases are spaced apart by several years, reflecting their meticulous approach to collectively refining and evolving their musical identity. Each release becomes an eagerly anticipated event within the independent music community. Their debut self-titled album marked the beginning of their journey and established them as an instigating force in Taiwan's shoegaze scene.  Following a four-year hiatus, they unveiled their EP, "Morning Fragment." This second original EP continues to encapsulate the unmistakable Manic Sheep sound while exploring new possibilities through more experimentation with rhythm, synth textures and song arrangement.

With extensive experience in international touring, Manic Sheep's music has resonated on a global scale, cultivating an international fanbase. They have graced the opening stages for renowned acts KYTE (UK) in 2012, The Album Leaf (USA) in 2014, and Neon Indian (USA) in 2015. They have actively participated in prestigious music festivals worldwide, including SXSW (USA), NXNE (Canada), CMF (Canada), Clockenflap (Hong Kong), Fuji Rock (Japan), and Megaport Festival (Taiwan).

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