Major in Body Bear

Established in late 2015, Major in Body Bear 體熊專科 is an instrumental rock quartet featuring guitarist Baozi, keyboardist Anxi, bassist Haigou, and drummer Andy. The band's name cleverly combines "體熊," a Taiwanese slang term for "chit-chat," with "專科" (specialization/major), highlighting their musical proficiency.

Their music blends elements of J-rock, post-rock, math-rock, and jazz. Characterised by syncopation and irregular time changes, their compositions showcase refined rhythmic intricacy.  Amidst the percussive intensity, captivating J-rock-inspired melodies soar triumphantly.  Despite their serious and composed image, the band's music is known for its explosive emotions. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, Major in Body Bear aims to convey the connections and emotions between people through their art.

With three EPs and a full-length album to date, the band has actively participated in various major music festivals. The band has gained widespread acclaim for their music, and their live performances are particularly noted for being thrilling and cathartic. The band's promising future makes them an exciting prospect in the music scene.

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