Lily Chou Chou Lied

Established in Keelung 2016, Lily Chou Chou Lied 莉莉周她說 is a three piece indie electronic band, consisting of Da-qing (vocals, bass, synthesizer), Yi-rui (vocals, keyboard), and You-quan (drums, percussion).  The band’s name is inspired by the fictional character Lily Chou Chou from Shunji Iwai’s film All About Lily Chou Chou.

Their music is characterised by a mix of pleasure and detachment, with both male and female vocalists singing in unison against a backdrop saturated in brooding electronic textures and rhythms.  The music is punctuated by synth swells and climactic drops that allow emotions to surge.  The juxtaposition of dance music’s joy with the sorrow or helplessness of the narrative creates a conflicting sense of delight.  Lyrics convey fables and stories that are not easily confronted directly.  Upon each new release, the band assigns a set of colors to the song, a thematic element evident in their music videos, each of which takes on a life of its own.

Since their inception, Lily Chou Chou Lied has made several releases.  Notably their debut concept album 大預言家, which weaves a long fable, narrating the journey of a character named “her” in the process of self-discovery. 

Over the course of their career the band has gained a dedicated following and have graced the stages across both Taiwan and China.  Their music embodies a new era of live electronic music, injecting fresh vitality into Taiwan’s independent music scene.

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