L8ching, an artist of introspective sensitivity, draws inspiration from the enchanting subtropical surroundings. On this captivating island, he has masterfully crafted a collection of soulful and distinctive compositions. His music is characterized by a gloomy and groovy vibe that is reminiscent of Taiwan’s rainy weather. His music fuses elements of R&B with that of electronic and his poignant lyrics reflect deep love and great lost.

L8ching's musical explorations transcend linguistic boundaries, effortlessly weaving together Chinese, English, and Taiwanese lyrics. A gifted drummer and impassioned performer, he swiftly captured the attention of local and global enthusiasts with the release of his debut single, Heart and Soul. His captivating stage presence led to invitations to perform at renowned music festivals in Barcelona, Spain, Tokyo, Japan, Nagano, and other cities, where he mesmerized audiences from around the world.

After releasing a series of singles, L8ching embarked on a journey of immersing himself in nature, seeking pure sounds and drawing inspiration from his surroundings. As an artist-in-residence in Hualien, Taiwan, he combined local materials and rhythms to create an entirely acoustic album. His collaboration with LINION on the mesmerizing track Mountain Dude, featuring organic percussion and vocal harmonies, received a nomination for Golden Melody Awards in the composition category.

In 2021, L8ching returned to the stage with renewed vigor, infusing his musical endeavors with the wealth of experiences he had accumulated along his artistic journey. His debut album, Dive & Give, serves as a testament to his warmth, emotions, and commitment to creating pure and innovative music, as he continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences.

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