Formed in 2018, experimental pop band “I'mdifficult 我是機車少女” initially began as a creative practice project led by band leader Ling Yuangeng. Over time, the project evolved into one of the more promising acts in the music scene. Their musical style blends popular melodies with a diverse array of experimental elements, deconstructing and reassembling them to create a distinctive sound that manages to be both familiar and innovative.  This practice stems from the diverse backgrounds of some of the members, who have lived between Taiwan and the United States.

To date, they have 7 releases with their third EP “25” standing out as a defining hallmark in the new independent music era.  “25” captures the emotional journeys of the band members at the age of 25. The music itself is an embodiment of experimentation, constantly evolving, while the lyrics delve deep into reflections on self-discovery and interpersonal dynamics. The profundity of their message is gracefully conveyed through the band's accessible and innovative musicality.  Notably, the EP has now been released on vinyl in both Taiwan and Japan.

I'mdifficult has graced the stages of numerous local venues and music festivals, and in 2023, they marked their international debut with tours in Japan and Korea, solidifying their status as a boundary-pushing musical force.

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