Ikura Police

Formed in 2017 Taipei, the quirky indie band Ikura Police consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Wu Yue, dual lead vocalists and guitarists Shuang Ma (Magic Pointy Tits), bassist Zhong Yi-an, and drummer Guo Yixuan. The band's name is inspired by the popular Japanese anime series Urusei Yatsura. The chosen character is known for being strong, enthusiastic, and full of justice, but also possessing a delicate heart and obvious weaknesses, reflecting the daily lives of the band members. With a touch of cosplay, a captivating fantasy brings a little extra magic to their live performances.  

Following a three-year break since their acclaimed album Call me when Night go blue, the quartet of Ikura Police made a triumphant return with their highly anticipated latest EP, Bad News Punched! They enlisted the former frontman of Touming Magazine, Hong Shenhao, as the producer. True to the playful pun of the album title, their long-gathered creative energy exploded into a stunning eruption of musical expression.

Having extensively performed throughout Taiwan, Ikura Police has graced the lineups of major local festivals such as Megport, LUCfest, and Vagabond Festival. These four peculiar creatures persist in sharing the gory and exploratory outcomes of their investigations in the human world, doing so in a mysteriously unconventional and substandard manner.

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