I Mean Us

I Mean Us is an alternative rock band formed in 2015 and also one of the most iconic bands from Taiwan nowadays. Its music combines multiple music styles such as post rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze, and classical. With those plentiful elements and effects, I Mean us really creates its signature ethereal, mythical sound.

Back in 2018, I Mean Us released its first debut album OST and the performance Somewhere Never was sold out with over one thousand people immediately. Taking this massive success as a beginning, the band started their Asia tour and performed in many international music showcases from USA to Malaysia, including SXSW, Music Matters, Zandari Festa and City Roar Festival.

With their song “24 Years Old of You” being awarded with Best Alternative single by Golden Indie Melody Awards in 2020, I Mean Us released their sophomore album Into Innerverse in 2021.