Huan Huan

"Huan Huan 緩緩" means “slowly” in mandarin and carries a romantic essence, akin to a gentle reminder to "embrace life at a leisurely pace." Embracing a slower pace doesn't imply a lack of effort; instead, it involves understanding when to hit pause at the right moments, allowing oneself to gracefully come to a halt.

Originating from Taipei, Huan Huan is an alternative pop band comprising vocalist and guitarist Coco, drummer Yi Jen, guitarist Myles, and bassist Paul. They believe in the power of softness and appreciate the beauty of simplicity in complexity.

Huan Huan aspires to infuse warmth and comfort into people's lives through their music, providing a sanctuary of reprieve amidst the chaos of modern existence. Sonically, the band blends elements of folk, indie rock, shoegaze, electronic music, and is celebrated for their cute lyrics and catchy melodies.  Initially characterized by a post-punk and shoegaze edge, Huan Huan underwent a stylistic transformation post-2019. The shift brought forth increased harmonies, folk-inspired melodies, and a closer embrace of pop structures.

With two full-length albums up to date, Huan Huan has showcased their talents at major local music festivals and international festivals including Megaport Festival, Primavera Pro and the ASEAN Music Showcase.

With a commitment to creating compelling music, the band looks forward to continuing their musical journey, sharing the enchantment of their music with a wider audience.

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