GoodBand was formed in June 2015 through the collaboration of two dedicated Capricorn individuals, the soulful vocalist Wen and talented guitarist Ching. Their music resonates with the tenderness of a heartfelt love letter, aiming to express personal observations, experiences and forge a sense of companionship. Spanning a spectrum of emotions, their compositions transition from tear-jerking melodies to defiant outbursts of anger and frustration. Each track is a testament to the collective creativity of Wen and Ching.

In August 2016, the duo unveiled their debut EP, “I Give My Youth to You,” which has since garnered over 3 million views on YouTube, captivating audiences and sparking a flurry of positive feedback. Building upon their success, in 2022 they released their first full-length album, We Learn to Let Go in the Ongoing. Through the culmination of seven years of tireless songwriting, the album delves deep into the intricate emotional journey of life, encapsulating four pivotal stages: confusion, exertion, respite in the face of failure, and the discovery of a new path forward. 

They have graced numerous sold-out shows in Taiwan and embarked on successful tours across Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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