Gestalt Girl

Gestalt Girl, formed in January 2016, is a rock band that emanates a unique artistic vision. They express this through their Japanese lyrics and a sound that defies conventional genres, captivating listeners with their experimental nature. Their music is characterized by captivating melodies and intricate arrangements. Over the course of their seven-year journey, they have continuously evolved and transformed. While their earlier compositions incorporated elements of math rock and digital rock, their more recent works, since 2019, have embraced a space-infused atmosphere, interwoven with the mesmerizing essence of shoegaze.

Their track Umarekawattara achieved noteworthy success, debuting at 7th place on Spotify Japan’s Viral Top 50 chart and ranking 80th on J-WAVE TOKIO HOT. Their music has gained attention and received nationwide distribution in both Taiwan and Japan. Recognized as one of Spotify Japan's "Early Noise 2020" noteworthy bands, they unveiled their latest release, Amoeba, in 2022.

The band actively engages in performances and festivals in both Taiwan and Japan, including appearances at Taiwan's Rōnin Festival, Camp de Amigo, Banpaku Denji Music Festival, and Japan's Taiwan Festa held at Yoyogi Park. Additionally, they participated in the "Shokusai Terrace" event in Umeda Hankyu. Vocalist Mikan Hayashi has also made waves with her solo performances, gracing the stage at Circle'23 in Fukuoka, alongside influential Japanese musicians like Ryosuke Nagaoka and Ichiko Aoba, who have significantly influenced her artistic journey.

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