Four Pens

Formed in the spring of 2011, Four Pens is an indie pop/folk band anchored by the core talents of vocalist Candace, keyboardist Sunny, and guitarist/backing-vocalist BIBO. They build their sound on a foundation of acoustic guitar folk with a touch of Japanese pop. This sonic tapestry finds its contrasting threads in nostalgic synthesizers and childlike acoustic instrumentation harmonising with Candace’s crystalline and emotive vocals. Their lyrics carry a sense of understated melancholy while providing a soothing and companionable presence, akin to the warmth of sunlight as they journey together. Their music creates a healing atmosphere that transcends language and nationality.  In full band formation, they incorporate bass and drums, evolving into a unique “Soothing Folk" band that mixes Shibuya-kei and Nordic indie-pop influences.

Since their inception, Four Pens has released more than a dozen works, notably marking their debut album, "One Day," under the renowned Japanese label, Fastcut Records. In 2023, the trio embarked on a collaborative venture with Korean pop singer-songwriter Kimpomme, resulting in the single "Another Season." This collaboration gracefully melds the distinct musical signatures of both artists, drawing inspiration from the concept of "seasonality" prevalent in each other's musical vocabulary. Their upcoming Japan tour in the latter half of 2023, organized by Fastcut Records and featuring Kimpomme, promises to be a noteworthy endeavor.

Four Pens has extensively toured throughout Taiwan and Japan, and showcased their talents in China, and Hong Kong. While predominantly rooted in the indie folk genre, the trio has recently ventured into new musical territories with their recent release "Post-Apocalyptic Romance," exploring the realms of Neo-soul and lo-fi hip-hop, expanding their creative horizons.

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