Bremen Entertainment Inc.

Formed in 2019 New Taipei City, Bremen Entertainment Inc. is an alternative rock band infused with elements of psychedelic and progressive rock.  The band’s songwriting process relies heavily on jamming, allowing their music to organically evolve as they iteratively explore their ideas.  Within their compositions, you'll find captivating guitar melodies and chord progressions guiding you through intricately constructed sonic landscapes, featuring distinctive harmonized vocals that intersect with interweaving rhythms, creating a distinct sonic identity for their music.

Having graced the stages of festivals including LUCfest, Megaport Festival, Breaking Mud Fest, and Vagabond Festival, the band has received significant recognition in Taiwan's independent music scene. In 2023, they unveiled their debut full-length album, Taured, which paints vivid stories and scenes from an imaginary island nation known as "Taured."  The island is envisioned as a colonized nation, no larger than Taipei City and yet teeming with ethnic diversity.  It is divided into two major factions with one representing the colonizers and the other comprised of discontented island residents resisting colonization.  Notably, the album also features the collaboration of singer-songwriter Yokkorio on one of their tracks.

In 2023 the band will commence their first international tour of Hong Kong. 

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