Taiwan-based electronic duo APRIL RED embodies a harmonious fusion between music from the East and West by blending a variety of electronic styles with traditional Chinese influences.

The band is fronted by DJ Code Wu and Shao-Shih. Code is the Band Leader, DJ, Producer, one of Taiwanʼs top DJs, as well as a multitalented music producer, and film music composer. He is also the first DJ in Taiwan to be invited to the world's largest music festival Glastonbury at main stage The Blues. In addition, Code has also spun for worldʼs most famous brands including Louis
Vuitton, Fendi, Aston Martin, BMW, Hennessy, and produced music for prominent companies like Asus, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung just to name but a few. Production side, his single "Buddha" from his debut EP topped #50 on Beatport, and has released his official remix of the single "Almost Home" from Moby's album Innocents.

Shao-Shih is the lead singer of the band and also a songwriter. Her delicate, yet powerful voice caught Code's attention. Between Shao-Shih's hauntingly ethereal vocals and the interplay of Code use of the electronic elements triggers to weave a rich tapestry of eastern and western sounds.

APRIL RED's progressive brand of artistry has netted them multiple invitations to perform at clubs and prestigious music festivals worldwide. They're garnered further International interest, being invited to perform at the ZEBRA in China, RASIA in Moscow 2013. CMW in Toronto 2014. Java Sounds Fair in Jakarta, MIDI in China 2015. SXSW in Texas, V-Rox in Vladivostok 2016. V-Rox
Vladivostok, Waves Vienna, Amsterdam Dance Event, Buddha Bar in Dubai 2017. Taipei Fashion Week 2018. They performed at NXNE and Sonik Philippines in 2019.