A Root

Formed in 2015 "A Root 同根生” consists of Yilan musicians Yang Zhi-bo on sheng, Lin Wan-ting on liuqin and ruan, Zheng Hao-yu on bass and cello, Lin Qiao on keys, along with the recent addition of vocalist You Yi-ting and percussionist Chen Yu-ping.  United by the theme of "seeking roots," they aim to discover a distinctive Taiwanese sound. Their music can be characterized as an exploration of the destruction and reconstruction of the foundation of Taiwanese culture. Storytellers traverse traditional opera melodies, jazz expressions, and electronic soundscapes, blending contemporary folklore and Taiwanese expressions, resulting in a celebration where humans and spirits from another dimension celebrate together.

To date, A Root has released two full-length albums. The initial album Rooty Mental is predominantly instrumental and mirrors the sounds of the natural environment, while the second, Holy Gazai, places vocals at the forefront. Produced by the esteemed Blaire Ko (Ke Zhi-hao), his interdisciplinary expertise in film and theater soundtrack production aligns perfectly with A Root’s mission to translate folklore stories into songs.

A Roots vibrant performances have graced the stages of many local music festivals and they have showcased their talents at the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Mexico, La Pintana Theater in Chile, bringing Taiwan's multifaceted musical character to the other side of the Pacific Ocean.  In 2023 they received 4 nominations at the 34th Golden Melody Awards.

The ensemble continuously seeks inspiration from traditional Taiwanese stories and local music, actively working to craft a distinctive sound that captures the essence of this island.

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