Hip Hop Trio 8 Ball's New single "You Can't Catch Me" Is an Ode to Every Street Kid Living in Taipei City


Founded in 2014, 8Ball consists of members who have been friends since their student years. Instead of defining 8Ball as a rap group, it would be more accurate to call them a creative organization. They are not only rappers, but also tattoo and graffiti artists, and their art informs their music. They use the art of language to convey visuals that allow their audience to picture the lyrics in their minds. 8Ball are RedLee, Howz, and BatOne, and while they each contribute their own unique style and energy, they work in synergy and perform as one entity. Their styles have transformed from West Coast style to funk and to trap, which they have mastered and added their own twist to. 8Ball is always evolving on this path of creation, and they look forward to presenting their audience with music that perks their ears and inspires their hearts.

"You Can't Catch Me" is an extension of "City Hunter." 8Ball have departed from their usual funk style and adopted an authentic trap style to salute their fellow ghetto boys who do graffiti, skateboard, and make art in the streets.