Hottest Metalcore Band Flesh Juicer Showcases the Deepest Darkness in the Trench "Mariana"


In the early days of their formation in 2006, Flesh Juicer had tried their hands on various genres such as death metal, deathcore, and hardcore before solidifying their sound in the form of metalcore. On this sound-searching journey, they've experimented with many different types of expressions; but one thing remains consistent throughout: a sense of connection to the Taiwanese tradition.

After releasing their singles Amorbid State in 2009 and The Brutal Taichung in 2011, the band took home both "Most Downloads" and "Best Album" on iNDIEVOX with their 2015 album GIGO. It also won them GIMA's (Golden Indie Music Awards) Best Rock Album Award the same year. In 2016, their first concert Flesh Temple: Build it on Brutal Taichung, drew audience by the thousands and bagged them a nomination for GIMA's Best Live Performance Award. In 2017, the single Black-Messages was released and got nominated for GIMA's Best Rock Single. The second album Fairytales of Ocean Deep was released in 2018.

The meaning of the title Mariana is twofold:

1. The Mariana Trench is employed here to represent the deepest darkness in the world, where all truth is being held. To get a glimpse of these truths, you will have to be willing to trade in anything as cost. Morality, however, is not called for.

2. In order for one to become successful, certain timing, locations, and circumstances must converge in a very specific way. One that is just right. A lifetime's hard work and struggle sometimes yield no comparable reciprocation. Well then, time to strike a deal with Mr. Satan! Do not take business with El Diablo lightly, though. For not only will He grant you what's promised, He will also throw in a little something beyond satisfaction. Doing business with Him is like doing drugs. There will be no more of it when you hand over your Soul as that one last chip.