Mysterious Singer Trance Baby Meow Is Preparing for Her New Album


*English subtitles are available.

In Taiwan, a new way of communication called "meow telepathy" has replaced talking to each other since this video was out in 2016.

It is rumored that Trance Baby Meow (勸世寶貝喵喵) is working on her new album. Keep calm and meow.

Below is the official introduction to the mysterious female singer and the group she belongs to:

Trance Baby Meow is the main member of Taiwanese electronic group Trance Zone Family. Her eye-catching and unique personal style is both intense and mesmerizing. Wong Kai Cho is the group’s artistic director, in charge of the their musical and visual execution. This electropop song is light and briskly paced, with a uniquely Trance Baby Meow style that incorporates various aspects of Taiwan and conveys an all-encompassing creative ideal.