P!SCO Released New Single for the Friendship between Thai and Taiwanese Musicians


Right before celebrating their 8th anniversary at Legacy Taichung, the indie rock outfit P!SCO released a new single called "Fish in the Clear Lake". It shows the close relationship the band has with Thai musicians. Model Tiny Lu is the protagonist in the music video.

“In the summer four years ago, we met at a music festival held in Taichung. We didn’t know each other back then, only did some casual greetings while passing by each other. In October of the same year, we all got stuck at a remote villa in Sarawak, Malaysia. We ate the same food, drank at the hallway of our cabin, and sang out loud. We even planted a tree named after our band. Those 5 days of Asia Music Festival had made us friends, moreover, a deal had been made: we are definitely going to see each other in the future.

Luckily, we all keep the promises.

Thank you for loving Taiwan, visiting here and bringing your performances as well as the joy and smiles of the southland to Taiwan. Also, thank you for being great hosts whenever we travel to Thailand. We will always remember those joyful moments we spend together. Moreover, seeing you guys shining on the stage also encourages ourselves and makes us look forward to standing side by side on bigger stages around the world.”

This song is written for a group of natural-loving band members from Thailand. P!SCO still remembers the day when they camped and had fun in the forest. They picked up all the trash around the riverside, packed them up and brought away those wastes. “Letting those trash damage a beautiful place is unacceptable.” These simple words are unforgettable. Their minds are so pure and kind, that they admire those beautiful things from the bottom of their hearts.Thus, the vocalist CatLun wrote the song.In which she sings “there are fish in the clear lake” in Thai, not only to honor their friendship, but also to expect that all the “lakes” in their life could be crystal-clear and all the “fish” could be happy and free.