Founded in 2014, JADE EYES is comprised of members: Ling-Ching (Lead Vocal / Bass / Keyboard), I-Shuan (Guitar), and Yu-Shin (VJ / Programming). Putting a stack of sounds together with splendid projections, JADE EYES makes their audience dive into their music fantasy with synthesizer sounds and electronic beats.

After releasing a 6-track EP, JADE EYES regrouped and joined indie label: Black Market Music Production. In 2017, JADE EYES washed away the retro tones, bringing much more Neo Soul, Deep House and Downtempo genre into their first full-length album Addict, giving the album a more psychedelic yet modern touch.

JADE EYES’ music has been able to carry magnificent emotions with just a few words. You can also tell their potential by their nomination of Best Electronic Album for the 2016 Golden Indie Music Awards in Taiwan, also the nomination of Best Album of the Year for the 2017 Abilu Music Awards by Douban in China.