2017 Golden Melody Awards: Full List of Nominees

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Album of the Year

Village Besieged - Sheng Xiang Band
The Servile - No Party for Cao Dong
Best Mandarin Album nominees
Best Taiwanese Album nominees
Best Hakka Album nominees
Best Indigenous Album nominees

Song of the Year

Confession Balloon” - Jay Chou
Theory of Ring” - Rainie Yang
Beng Kong” - Wu Bai & China Blue
The Sum of Us” - Eve Ai
Tough” - Mayday
Simon Says” - No Party for Cao Dong
Centrifugal Force” - Faith Yang
Spoiled Innocence” - Yoga Lin

Best Mandarin Album

JTW - Khalil Fong
The Silent Star Stone - Guo Ding
Talk About Eve - Eve Ai
History of Tomorrow - Mayday
Run! Frantic Flowers! - Waa Wei
Feathers - Xu Jun

Best Taiwanese Album

Ding Zi Hua - Wu Bai & China Blue
Taipei Didilong - DJ Didilong
The Old Years - Hsieh Ming-Yu
TaiKo Electro Company - TaiKo Electro Company
The Boyhood of Chairman - The Chairman

Best Hakka Album

The Golden Age - Urban Cat
Born at Night - Misa x Underground Stream
The World of Laughter - Misa, Lo Sarong, and Lin Sheng Xiang
Gina’s Can - Tung Blossom Funk
My Dad Speaks Hoi-Iuk, My Mom Speaks Xi-Ien - Weiroo Chen

Best Indigenous Album

Yaangad - Sangpuy
Tracing the River of Life - Tai Saio-Chun
Longer Story - Guo Ming-Long
vavayan. - ABAO
SADU KATA BUAN - Tulbus Mangququ and Bunun Warriors

Music Video of the Year

Chai” - Chang and Lee (Peng Jun-Yi, Zhu Qi-Guang, and Zhang Xi-An, directors)
Bedtime Stories” - Jay Chou (Jay Chou, director)
Love Yourself” - Hebe Tien (Bill Bounce, director)
Tough” - Mayday (Muh Chen, director)
Dust My Shoulders Off” - Jane Zhang (Leo Liao, director)

Composer of the Year

Guo Ding - “The Fog Space” (Guo Ding)
Eve Ai - “The Sum of Us” (Eve Ai)
Monster - “Here, After, Us” (Mayday)
No Party for Cao Dong - “Simon Says” (No Party for Cao Dong)
Waa Wei - “Only You” (Waa Wei)
Hsieh Ming-Yu - “Afternoon Waltz” (Hsieh Ming-Yu)
Huang Chien Wei - “Centrifugal Force” (Faith Yang)

Lyricist of the Year

Greeny Wu - “Theory of Ring” (Rainie Yang)
Wu Bai - “Beng Kong” (Wu Bai & China Blue)
Guo Ding - “The Fog Space” (Guo Ding)
Eve Ai - “The Sum of Us” (Eve Ai)
Ashin - “Almost Famous” (Mayday)
No Party for Cao Dong - “Wimpish” (No Party for Cao Dong)
Hsieh Ming-Yu - “That Suitcase” (Hsieh Ming-Yu)

Arranger of the Year

Hong Shen-Wen - “Na Emaalrup” (Sangpuy)
Wu Bai & China Blue - “Beng Kong” (Wu Bai & China Blue)
Zhan Xian-Zhe - “Bad Check” (Eve Ai)
Ellen Loo - “Darling” (Ellen Loo)
Arai Soichiro, Derrick Sepnio, and Fergus Chow - “Izuwa” (ABAO)
Howe Chen - “You Made My Day” (Lala Hsu)

Best Album Producer

Chen Zhu-Hui - Yaangad (Sangpuy)
Khalil Fong & Derrick Sepnio - JTW (Khalil Fong)
Du Kai & Ge Fei - Mr. Miss (Mr. Miss)
Mayday - History of Tomorrow (Mayday)
George Chen - Run! Frantic Flowers! (Waa Wei)
Arai Soichiro - vavayan. (ABAO)

Best Single Producer

George Chen - “Theory of Ring” (Rainie Yang)
Arai Soichiro - “Jia Jia Song” (Jia Jia, Ilid Kaolo, and Suming)
Masa - “Still Missing” (Mayday)
Huang Chien Wei & Howe Chen - “Centrifugal Force” (Faith Yang)
Dakanow - “Aka Pacici” (Guo Ming-Long)
Sandee Chan - “Everyday Is a Miracle” (Hebe Tien)
Howe Chen - “You Made My Day” (Lala Hsu)

Best Mandarin Male Singer

Jay Chou - Jay Chou’s Bedtime Stories
Khalil Fong - JTW
Guo Ding - The Silent Star Stone
Crowd Lu - What a Folk !!!!!!
Yoga Lin - Sell Like Hot Cakes
Namewee - Cross Over Asia
Dwagie - Hard Knock

Best Mandarin Female Singer

Eve Ai - Talk About Eve
Jia Jia - Still Missing
Waa Wei - Run! Frantic Flowers!
Ellen Loo - Imperfections
Faith Yang - Centrifugal Force
Miss Ko - Queen of Queens

Best Taiwanese Male Singer

Daniel Luo - Love Hurts
Sam Liao - Door
Wu Bai - Ding Zi Hua
DJ Didilong - Taipei Didilong
Yuming Lai - Draw Out
Hsieh Ming-Yu - The Old Years

Best Taiwanese Female Singer

Elly Chang - Sound of the Wind
MaYa - Sing for Myself
Olivia Tsao - The Song of Missing
Huang Fei - Twin Flowers
Sasha Li - Father

Best Hakka Singer

Urban Cat - The Golden Age
Misa x Underground Stream - Born at Night
Robin Tseng - Shepherd Boy
Weiroo Chen - My Dad Speaks Hoi-Iuk, My Mom Speaks Xi-Ien

Best Indigenous Singer

Sangpuy - Yaangad
Cemelesai Pasasauv - Circularity ZEMIYAN
Tai Saio-Chun - Tracing the River of Life
Guo Ming-Long - Longer Story
ABAO - vavayan.
Tulbus Mangququ and Bunun Warriors - SADU KATA BUAN

Band of the Year

Mayday - History of Tomorrow
No Party for Cao Dong - The Servile
Gina's Can - Tung Blossom Funk
The Chairman feat. Liu Fu Zhu - The Boyhood of Chairman

Best Duo or Group

Guess What - Guess What - ONE
Power Station - 20th
AstroBunny - Loneliness Will Be Over, Away and Gone.
Mr. Miss - Mr. Miss
The Grasshopper - Music Walker

Best New Artist

Flux - Flux
Mr. Miss - Mr. Miss
No Party for Cao Dong - The Servile
SHIO - Abstract Painting
Erika - I Am Erika

Best Instrumental Album

Cin Cinema - CinCin Lee
Fade to Blue - Chung Yufeng & David Chen
SEDAR - Sedar Chin
07 Sessions - Toby Mak

Best Instrumental Album Producer

CinCin Lee - Cin Cinema
Martin "Musa" Musaubach - ALL KINDS OF GOOD
Chung Shefong - Fade to Blue
Sedar Chin - SEDAR
Lawrence Ku - PROPER UP!

Best Instrumental Composer

CinCin Lee - "Taipei Andante"
Martin "Musa" Musaubach - "ALL KINDS OF GOOD"
David Chen - "Fade to Blue"
Sedar Chin - "Arboreal Tunnel"
Tseng Tseng Yi - "Call It Anything"

Best Album Package Designer

Gelresai Chen - Yaangad
Mirr Lo - Village Besieged
Starr Chen, Shu Ting Ho, Rookie, Yu Pin Han, Hsiao Hu, Mao Guai, and Li Xia - Welcome To The Next Level
Xiao Qing-Yang - When Will We Meet Again
Shane Yang & Aaron Nieh - Cin Cinema

Best Vocal Recording Album

Yaangad (Tien Chih Sun, Recording & Mixing Engineer; Ted Jensen, Mastering Engineer)
JTW (Derrick Sepnio & Jeff Li, Recording Engineers; Phil Tan, Ken Lewis, Jaycen Joshua, Tony Maserati, and Dave Pensado, Mixing Engineers; Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer)
#MWHYB (Brian Paturalski, Ken Lewis, Tye, and Enik Lin, Recording Engineers; Brian Paturalski, Ken Lewis, Tye, and Enik Lin, Mixing Engineers; James Cruz, Mastering Engineer)
Thief (Chief, Recording Engineer; Jerry Lin, Mixing Engineer; Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer)
Flow (Sean Chen, Yu Hsuan Yeh, Jim Lee, John Hermanson, Johnny Lin, Yi-Lin Chen, and Li Yuesong, Recording Engineers; Kenny Fan, Jerry Lin, and Jim Lee, Mixing Engineers; Michael D., Mastering Engineer)

Best Instrumental Recording Album

Cin Cinema (David Santiago & Mickey Yang, Recording Engineers; Mickey Yang, Mixing Engineer; Mickey Yang & Cheng Kuei, Mastering Engineers)
"Ice Fantasy" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Frank Cunningham, Antonio Oliart, Chenao Wang, and Jorge Velasco, Recording Engineers; V.K & Shinnosuke Miyazawa, Mixing Engineers; Jason Sun, Mastering Engineer)
SEDAR (Li Yuesong, Mali, Mitsuru Sutoh, Goh Hotoda, Wang Yaowei, Larry Williams, Gary Grant, Dustin Higgins, Richard Bons, Chris Parks, Brendan Muldowney, James Genus, Sedar Chin, Scott Henderson, Jia Yinan, Alain Caron, and Julian Miller, Recording Engineers; Goh Hotoda & Mali, Mixing Engineers; Bob Ludwing, Mastering Engineer)
Chromatics (A-Len Yue, Recording & Mixing Engineer; Jeff Lipton, Mastering Engineer)
Kind of True (Tommy Cavalieri, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer)

Outstanding Contribution Award

Chi Lu-Hsia
Tom Chang

Jury Award

Sheng Xiang Band

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