Claire Kuo Launches New Album “La Vita è Bella” on Singles’ Day



Known for her sweet disposition, Claire Kuo(郭靜)will be launching her latest illustrated calendar album “La Vita è Bella” on Singles’ Day, which falls on Nov 11th. This mini-album contains six songs sung by Kuo for specific drama series or events, including “Pity” (ending theme of “Constellation Love - Leo”), “Departing Together” (ending theme for “Taste the World”, a program she hosts with Tseng Jing-wen), “Wild Things” (theme song for Linfair Girlfriends' Summer Concert), “Don’t Wanna Miss You” (interlude for Baby Daddy), “Be OK” (Kaohsiung Beer Festival), and the recently unveiled “Set My Life Free” (theme song for 7-11’s Great Chocolate event).

Even though Kuo’s next full album won’t be ready by 2015, it is clear that she is doing well in various roles. This includes her success as a co-host in the show “Global Chinese Music” alongside Mickey Huang(黃子佼), a Golden Bell winner in the Best Variety Show Host category, and also as a co-host with Tseng Jing-wen(曾靜玟) on the show “Taste the World”, which sees her traveling across Asia.

The name of the new album, “La Vita è Bella”, was inspired by the original Italian name of the film "Life is Beautiful(美麗人生)", which won the Oscar Best Foreign Language Film. The name also represents Kuo’s hope of supporting people through music and by bringing to everyone a sweet sense of happiness and positivity. The pre-order album also includes six postcards with painted designs done by Kuo herself, once again demonstrating her artistic talents.

▼Claire Kuo “Set My Life Free” MV

▼Linfair Girlfriends (Claire Kuo, Tseng Jing Wen, Pets Tseng & Wu Wen Fang) “Wild Things” MV

▼Claire Kuo “Pity” music video with lyrics