Must-Hear Song/Listening to Different Versions of “Wild Child(野子)”




This is a song that almost got Tanya Chua(蔡健雅)and Emil Wakin Chau(周華健)into fight; this is a song that even Faye Wong(王菲)and Hebe Tian(田馥甄)have shared it with fans; this is a song that will make you go after your dream again even if you’ve given up before; this is a song that will give you the dream and the courage to pursue it.

This is “Wild Child”, a song that will make you proud of yourself.

“Wild Child” actually comes from Hainanese(海南話), which is used to describe crazy and wild children.  It is written and composed by Su Yun-Yin(蘇運瑩), the

girl from Sanya(三亞)City in Hainan Island who joins the competition of “The Voice of China(中國好歌曲)”.  The sea teaches her how to write songs and gives her the power of sincerity and freedom, which endow her with the talent to write surging rhythm and touching lyrics.

When all of your dreams and ambition are overthrown by reality, then your confidence and courage will be buried at the bottom of your heart, along with your naivety.  And Wild Child is just like waves, lapping around the softest place in your heart.

Hebe has commented on the song, saying it will make us “regain the root and courage we’ve once lost carelessly.”

Tell us, which version of the song reminds you of the careless and dare-to-dream self.