Hebe Tian(田馥甄)Presents the Theme Song “Pretty Woman” for “Go Lala Go”




Hebe has been seen on every ranking list after presenting the theme song “A Little Happiness(小幸運)” for the movie “Our Times(我的少女時代)”.  And now, she has moved forth to present the theme song “Pretty Woman” for another film “Go Lala Go”, which stars Ariel Lin(林依晨), Bolin Chen( 陳柏霖)and Vic Zhou(周渝民).  This is also her third time to sing for a movie.

“Go Lala Go” follows a journey of Du Lala, the 33-year-old single lady(Ariel Lin)who tries to manage her relationship and professional work at the same time.  Hebe’s urban and intellectual voice has helped to enhance the dominant attitude of modern urban women in the movie.  “Don't ask me whether the over-time working has worn me out.  Just tell me whether my makeup looks nice today”

“Pretty Woman” is written by Lan Xiao-Xie(藍小邪), composed by Zheng Nan(鄭楠)and arranged by JerryC.  With her clear and light voice intertwined with the electronic-like atmosphere, Hebe has presented the elegance, maturity, confidence and unaffected attitude a “Pretty Woman” should possess.  Andrew Chien(安竹間), the director says “Hebe is the key person of independent and intellectual modern women.  The song ‘Pretty Woman’ has perfectly presented the spirit of Du Lala and with its fast tempo and confident element, the movie has started in a fresh and fashionable way.”