Popu Lady is releasing the dance version of “POPU OK BUM(POPU OK繃)”, which has won praise from their fans




Though HIM(華研)has dropped a bombshell by announcing that they’re going to hold a knock-out competition for Popu Lady, it doesn’t stop Popu Lady from doing their best to practice and promote the extended play “Gossip Girls” which is released this year.  After the first single “Excuse Me”, Popu Lady has released another song “POPU OK BUM” with its dance version, which shows that Popu Lady has made some adjustment to their music in the new extended play.

“POPU OK BUM” is made especially for Popu Lady by A Goo(鼓鼓), the DJ from Magic Power(MP魔幻力量), who is the lyricist, producer and composer for the song.  This electronic dance music is full of party elements; it not only contains the lively electronic-like atmosphere which Magic Power is good at, but also shows the sweetness and sexiness of Popu Lady ─ it is really a breakthrough for Popu Lady.

Popu Lady says that A Goo assigns different lyrics to different members according to their personality.  To ease the tension when recording, he also sing and dance at the same time, arousing different singing potentials of the members.

Fans of Popu Lady also commend the dance version of “POPU OK BUM”, saying that the dance and song really fit their style.  “They really show their strength with this song.  I like this style of Popu Lady.” “The style is really different from what they had in the past!  They’ve made great progress!  I hope no one will be knocked out in the knock-out competition.  Only when the five members of Popu are all together will they make perfect group.” “I like the song! Thanks to MP for saving them.”