Landy Wen 'Love Myself' Metamorphosing into a Sexier, Stronger, New Woman


溫嵐Landy Wen

After a nearly two-year wait, Landy Wen's new Chinese album 'Love Myself' was launched officially on September 26th.

'Love Myself' is Wen's first solo album after a nearly two-year gap, during which she joined Sun Entertainment Culture and founded Lantu Entertainment. And in line with this fresh new start, Wen now sports a short haircut, specially styled in Hong Kong, that perfectly complements the new sexy image portrayed in her first wave of publicity photos. This has motivated fans with the promise of even more surprises in her new album.

The first song of the album, 'PDA', is a hip-hop number inspired by various genres and a showcase of the all new Wen's versatility. The Wen you remember from songs like 'Fool' and 'Wish Me Happy Birthday' has now transformed into a stronger version of herself. 'PDA' was composed by several foreign songwriters, producing Wen's first attempt at rap and a hip-hop number that blends various foreign musical styles and electronic beats. Its lyrics were penned by Wen, who has infused it with both 'anti-love' and 'pro-love' sentiments, thus providing two different vibes as interpreted through Wen's voice.

'I'm Alright'(沒事), the second song of the album, boasts lyrics written by the well-known author Miss Big A, narrating the experience of staying strong after a breakup and consoling oneself with a simple 'I'm alright'. Not wanting it to just be a sad song, producer Howie Chou brought in Razor Chiang to arrange it into a slow number with a danceable beat, giving the lyrical style of 'I'm Alright' a stronger and more comforting edge through which to deal with the pain of losing love.

Directed by well-known director Bill Chia(比爾賈), the music video for 'I'm Alright' is a long take depicting the highs and lows of a romance across time and space. Taking place in a bedroom, living room and bathroom, we see Wen and a male dancer playing the role of lovers and performing a painstakingly crafted duet dance within these small spaces. Together with Wen, Taiwanese dance teacher Sam choreographed the dance. "We approached Terry Lin for the dance in 'PDA' and Sam for the one in 'I'm Alright'. They are among the best dance teachers in Taiwan and show that we can choreograph great dances. We did the choreography and arrangement together as we wanted to tell a story through our body movement," said Wen.