Leo Ku(古巨基)/We(我們)



After a four-year hiatus, Leo Ku has finally released his new Mandarin album 'We'.

Directed by Leo over a span of two years, 'We' represents a departure from the social commentary-laden 'The Era', and a return to music of a more emotional nature. Also involved in the album’s lyric-writing process are Albert Leung, Francis Lee, and more interestingly, Li Ronghao(李榮浩), whom Ku met during his stint with 'I Am a Singer 3'.

The album's lead single, 'Finding You was My Greatest Success'(找到你是我最偉大的成功), reveals Ku's joy at becoming a married man. The song also serves as the theme to drama series ‘Be With You’(好想談戀愛). Music video director JP Huang(黃中平) even added a proposal segment in the song's video to remind Leo that a belated proposal to his wife is long due.

Sung by Ku and written by Yen-j, 'Bearing'(承擔), the interlude to 'Be With You', projects a more melancholic vibe compared to the more uplifting 'Finding You was My Greatest Success'.