A-Fü(鄧福如)/Own Categories(自成一派)



On June 19, A-Fü released her third album 'Own Categories', in which she showcases her creative talent, as well as her pronounced style and values, through a song selection spanning diverse musical genres.

To shoot her title track's (Own Categories) music video, A-Fü had to endure 12 hours of dancing under the scorching sun. The song itself was created in a unique manner, with A-Fü composing it in its entirety to drumbeats alone. Guitar, trumpet, saxophone and other wind instrument sounds were added gradually later, giving the song a lively vibe. Also expressed in its lyrics, penned by Sandee Chan(陳珊妮), is a witty commentary on the aesthetic standards shaped by the media and the building of self-worth.

The only duet 'Let's Stop Here'(前面路口停) featured in this album is also A-Fü's first male-female duet. This R&B-infused number (lyrics by Hush) has longtime friend Xiao Yu(小宇) singing alongside her about the necessity of slowing down to clarify your path in love and life.