Dawen Wang王大文/ Happy or Not


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Author:Sophia/ Translator:Afore

It has been over a year since Dawen Wang, whom is named “the caring guy of love songs”, released his first album “Hello〈你好〉” at the end of 2013.  He is releasing the new album of his compositions “Happy or Not 〈快樂不快樂〉” on Aug 11th.  The pre-sale version records the duet “Our Vintage Love” sung by Dawen Wang and Zee Avi〈季小薇〉transnationally.  For the shooting for the album cover, they even flew specially to Chicago and Los Angles, where Dawen Wang used to go to school.

The title for the album “Happy or Not” comes from the second verse of the first single "You Already Know My Heart〈其實你已經知道〉" – “Whether it's happiness or not, all the things we meet in lives/I want to share everything with you”.  The title indicates that Dawen Wang has put all his life experience and thoughts in his music, presenting the most real and warmest Dawen to you.

The first single "You Already Know My Heart” is also the ending song of the idol drama “When I See You Again〈他看她的第2眼〉”.  The song is about the silent understanding between the couple.  With the Lyrics goes from shy, brave to determined, the string also conveys different emotions.

To combines music with literature in the music video, the director placed the string orchestra in a bookstore specially made for the music video, where the walls were filled with more than three thousand books and Dawen Wang even brought from his house more than one hundred books by himself.

“Sometimes I’m not smart/can’t find the best time and the right tone/to say I love you/Thinking that this will spoil the vibes/yet I see a smile in your eyes/telling me you already know my heart”

The second single is “These Flowers Are for You〈這些花要送給你〉”.  The lyrics express the feeling of the simple wish to deliver beautiful things to the loved one.  Dawen Wang says “This song has a special meaning for me.  It is the most direct, simple and romantic love song in the whole album.  I always think too much, but this is a really direct love song.  Even the title of the song is direct, which does fit my personality. ”

 “These flowers are for you/I want to see the surprised and happy expression on your face/These words are for you/I may not be eloquent, but I’m saying this with all my heart/Believe it when the feeling is right.  Don’t give up when you’re in love/You are my sunshine, water and air/Love is the fragrance you can smell even far away/These words are only for you”