It’s all here. The new singles composed by the three Adonis of Eagle Music




Writer:Sophia / Translator:Afore

The three Adonis of Eagle Music-Bii, Dino and Ian are all releasing their singles on July 31th.  Lee Ya-Ming, their boss, says that he has faith in the three singers and there’s no pressure.  Each of these singers has their own characteristic and it will be left for the market to decide who is better.  Before the release day, the singers also recommend others’ singles, showing less sense of competition, but more of mutual appreciation.

◎Bii(畢書盡)-Love More

Bii’s debut album “Bill Story” has become the theme song of an idol drama and he has gain lots of publicity since then.  This time, he releases the new EP and the micro film “Love More”.  Besides recording the Korean composition “B-A-B-Y” Bii has made previously, the album also includes the entirely new Chinese composition “”Love More”, which is also the incidental music of the upcoming idol drama “Love Cuisine(料理高校生)”.  In the song “Love More”, for the first time, Bii has tried to sing the happy love song with a childish voice and a naughty tone.  In the second part of the song, Bii then raps manly in Korean and with the solo of the guitar, the song does capture all the listener’s hearts.  It is indeed a romantic and sweet love song that will melt your heart.


After releasing the debut album of his compositions “The Cozy Life of Rock ‘n’ Roll(搖滾小日子)” in 2014, Dino still insists on doing the new single “Shout” in the rock ‘n’ roll way.  Using the similar pronunciation of “SHOUT” and “xiao”〈the Chinese saying of “laugh”〉as a pun, Dino jokes about himself and describes the emotional dilemma he is facing and the feeling that there’s nothing he can do to fix it.  “Shout” is produced by Chen Wei and arranged by Dino and members〈G. Wei-Lee and Hwaidy〉of the band Lao Ding Ju.  The electric guitar rumbles at the beginning, and as the sound of the guitar piles up, Dino’s murmur turns into hysterical shouts.

◎Ian(陳彥允)-Somewhere without You

“Somewhere Without You(陌生的地方)” is a song composed and produced by Chen Wei.  With the piano as the main background music, Ian sings the song sincerely and forthrightly.  There’s always a place in our minds that we feel so familiar with it, but at the same time, so strange about it.  This is a rock ballad that opens up all of a sudden and conveys positive thoughts.  What’s more, the entirely new single “Somewhere without You” also includes the song “Emperor of the Legend(大皇帝)”, which is full of the elements of the three kingdoms period.  They also invited Phebe Chou(周菲比), the young and talented arranger who has played the erhu in Jay Chou’s “Worldly Tavern(紅塵客棧)” and “Ends of the Earth Passing Traveler(天涯過客)” to arrange the song, making a perfect blend of the classical Chinese music and the rock ‘n’ roll of the west.