Robot Swing - Black Puss | CINEMAPHONIC SESSIONS


Cinemaphonic Sessions invites jazz funk eccentrics Robot Swing.  Manufactured by Taipei Linkang, assembled by four music-loving guys, equipped with multi-core processors for funk, R&B, soul, and jazz, efficiently driving internal and external grooves.  The core members, consist of Zhaoyuan (keyboard, synthesizer), Yumin (drums), Enli (bass), and Weirong (guitar),  

In 2020, Robot Swing made its debut and received an award at the NCCU Golden Melody Awards. Shortly after, their first single “AI dare to love?" produced by Fortune Cookie Records was nominated for "Best Rhythm & Blues Song" at the 2021 Golden Indie Music Awards and "Best Arranger" at the 2022 Golden Melody Awards. Their debut album, "SYSTEM BOOTING...," released in July 2022, also earned Robot Swing a nomination for the "Best New Artist" at the 2022 Golden Indie Music Awards.


Produced by Yuchen Studio

Recording & Mixing Engineer|Andy Baker
Video Director & Editor|Alulu Kuo
Executive Producer|Eazie Huang

Robot Swing
Electric Guitar|洪惟農
Keyboard, Synthesizer|鄭昭元
Robot Technician|陳翔宥

Cinematography & Lighting by

Production Design|元述
Art Department Assistant|Yuanyu Tung
Behind the Scenes|黃元懋

Project Manager|Dee Chen, Yuanyu Tung
Digital Distribution Manager|Shao Huang
Graphic & Animation Designer|LOTS studio , Da Guan Li
Social Media Manager|Amy Siao
Social Media Graphic Designer|ZhaZha

Logo Design|Gary Chen (DotDot-Creative)