Camp on Rhythm - April Red 紅 ft. Wayne Shen


April Red, the Taiwanese electronic pop duo comprised of DJ Code Wu and vocalist Shao Shih, has orchestrated an unforgettable wilderness performance titled "Camp on Rhythm." Against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Huoyan Mountain, their seamless fusion of electronic beats and the natural environment creates a captivating musical experience.

In the expansive embrace of Huoyan Mountain, April Red's electrifying performance blends synthesized analog waveforms with the vibrant hues of nature. The ethereal voice of vocalist Shao Shih reverberates through the air, celebrating the boundless power of life. "Camp on Rhythm" is an immersive musical journey that showcases the remarkable harmony between music and the wilderness.

Preceding this unforgettable performance, April Red meticulously prepared their setlist. Shao Shih, rejuvenated from a period of rest, pours her personal voyage into a new song titled "Heart." This heartfelt track serves as an exuberant anthem of rebirth. Meanwhile, DJ Code Wu draws inspiration from the majestic Huoyan Mountain to compose an introductory track named "ANKR," a nod to the production team. "ANKR" not only acts as an anchor for the performance but also captures the essence of exploration and wandering, mirroring the ceaseless discoveries found within nature and life itself.

Alongside the premieres of "Heart" and "ANKR," the duo's setlist features crowd favorites such as "Let Me Stay," "神遊島" (Wandering Island), and "太陽" (Sun). The addition of drum arrangements elevates each track, courtesy of the skilled drummer, Wayne Shen. Performing amidst the breathtaking landscape, Shen expresses his awe at the surreal experience of playing drums on the uneven pebbles of a dry riverbed—an extraordinary moment that he never anticipated.