ANKR《Camp on Rhythm》Vol. 1 - INN feat. L8ching


ANKR is a music label that seeks to explore the relationship between nature and sound. It is launching a new outdoor program called "Camp on Rhythm." With a desire to immerse themselves in nature and be inspired by their surroundings, ANKR and their musician friends set up a campsite with music equipment in tow, treating the camping process as a journey into electronic music creation – building up the foundation, constructing the backbone, and shaping the atmosphere.

"Camp on Rhythm" combines electronic music and the great outdoors, embodying ANKR's vision of a lifestyle that harmonizes music and nature. The name "ANKR" is derived from the word "anchor," which represents a point of stability and a place to moor. Similarly, the spirit of ANKR is that of an "explorer" who is committed to forging ahead in various fields, anchoring themselves briefly at each stage of exploration before moving on to the next adventure.

Through this program, ANKR aims to explore new boundaries of life by integrating camping and outdoor music performances with rhythm as the core theme.